Why You Need Custom Vent-a-Hood In Temple, TX

There are several ways to get cooking odors out of the air your breathe. Are you looking for fabrication of a custom Vent-a-Hood in Temple TX? If you are looking for a top metal fabricator in the Temple region, TinKnockers Sheet Metal Company has recently begun creating custom vent-a-hood designs for use in homes and businesses throughout the Temple, Texas area. The aesthetically appealing designs are the result of TSMC’s standard of excellence. Check our portfolio of work online.

If you are cooking most types of food, whether in a commercial or residential setting, there are typically odors associated with the cooking. The smell of fish, meat, and certain seasonings are known to leave an aroma in the air, which can be very pleasant initially, but stale aromas can quickly ruin the appetite. In a commercial kitchen, these aromas can conflict with other foods and spoil the appetite rather quickly. A vent-a-hood helps to control and confine those smells as well as providing other benefits.

These hoods provide an important safety factor in kitchens of all types. Instead of smoke and flames going vertically, they are gently drawn upward where they can be safely vented. Smoke in a kitchen not only puts a layer of soot and grease on everything nearby, but it also leaves a residual odor which is unpleasant, particularly when combined with food smells.

A customized appliance to provide venting also has an aesthetic appeal. The different materials and configurations allow for each installation to be completely unique, and to fit the preferences and space available to the hood. The color can be selected to blend in with an existing palette or to be the focal point of the room. Regardless of the size of the hood which is needed, we can design, manufacture and install the appliance successfully.

TinKnockers does more than provide vent-a-hoods. The company provides all types of sheet metal fabrication, ductwork, customized gutters, stainless steel restaurant supplies (counter tops, ventilation systems, racks and sneeze guards) powder coating (largest powder coating facility in the area), and any custom metal design and welding services. We work with stainless steel, galvanized steel, copper and aluminum. Our powder coating provides custom finishes and color matching with over 5000 colors available.

Custom vent hoods in Temple TX are a new addition to our product line. We design, fabricate, manufacture, and install both residential (kitchen remodels) and commercial applications. For additional information, we encourage you to call 254-774-9099 today for a free estimate!

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