Discover The Four Hidden Aspects That May Affect The Cost Of Powder Coating Service In Temple TX

The use of powders to coat various fabrication projects is an ideal option when you want to shun traditional paints. Such a choice gives you durable covers and flexible option that guarantees exceptional finish. It is imperative to identify aspects that can affect your budget if you are considering such a coating in your next contract. The discussion below outlines top factors that influence the cost of powder coating service in Temple TX.

Size of Your Project

The size of the project you intend to coat is one of the obvious aspects that influence the overall cost. The surface area we cover when covering and the type of metal you use in the project will affect the budget you set to complete the work. We also asses the overall volume of the area to establish the extent of covering the project will require. Any increase in these coats will mean an upward change in your budget.

Type of Coats

Powders come in a wide range of varieties just like paints. There are powders that are based on nylon, polyester, epoxy, polyurethane and fluoropolymer among other constituents. The type we use custom powder coating projects you assign us will affect the budget you set for the work since powders cost differently. Luckily, we always start by assessing the surface you want us to coat and advise you on the affordable powders to choose without compromising the quality.

Application Tools

We have two approaches we utilize whenever we coat surfaces using various powders. The tribo model has minimal issues and its far day cage impact makes it a perfect option for intricate items with several crevices. We use tribo style when covering complex products to avoid using excess powders to ensure consistency and save you cash.

Type of Feed

Our experts use the two popular feeding systems for commercial powder covering that include fluidized bed and box feed systems. The box system helps you save money when the project requires regular color changes or working with small quantities. However, fluidized systems minimize wastage of powders and ideal option for recovering powders. We highly encourage the use of both systems depending on the needs of every project whenever you need powder coating near me. You may settle for fluidized type for product with large volumes to cut the costs.

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