Sheet Metal Fabricators In Temple, TX Expands Product Line To Offer Vent-A-Hood Design and Fabrication Services.

Sheet metal is used for dozens of different purposes, both functional and aesthetic. Are you looking for information about sheet metal fabricators in Temple, TX? Do you need reliable fabrication services in Temple and the surrounding area? TinKnockers Sheet Metal company offers the best and most trusted metal fabrication services.

We have recently started offering custom vent-a-hood design, fabrication, manufacturing, and installation for both residential (kitchen remodels) and commercial applications. Stainless steel is growing in popularity for both commercial and residential use. The products are used for stainless steel restaurant supplies, such as counter tops, ventilation systems, racks and sneeze guards. In addition to stainless steel, we work with galvanized steel, copper, and aluminum. We also can provide powder coating in more than five thousand colors to establish custom finishes and color matching.

Our custom metal fabricators professional team can also offer reliable duct-work, custom gutters, and powder coating. We have the largest powder coating facility in Temple, TX. We have the skills to design and implement any custom welding services for you, our customers.

We are family owned and operated and proudly satisfy a diverse and creative scope of metal fabrication options and services, including stainless steel countertops, tables, bar fronts, decorative sheet metals, architectural metals pieces and custom sneeze guards for a wide range of commercial applications. Our gallery of completed projects may help you to find ideas for your own custom design.

With more than a quarter century of experience in commercial, residential, and industrial applications, TinKnockers can guide you in every step of your project, from design and budgeting to delivery and installation. Whether you are looking for handcrafted bay windows or restaurant sneeze guards and stainless steel countertops, you can trust in us to formulate the perfect design to match your project vision and exceed expectations.

Our full welding department allows us to construct custom products using both commercial metals and industrial metals. Our sheet metals materials include stainless steel, galvanized steel, aluminum and copper. The powder coating process ensures that all of your metallic surfaces are protected from moisture, rust and fading. Indoor and outdoor placement is acceptable.

Some of our products constructed of metals are polished while others rely on powder coating to add aesthetic appeal and protection. When you are in need of products with powder coating in Temple TX, we will happily work with you to find the perfect option. Call 254-774-9099 today for a free estimate!

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