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Hoods over cooking areas are useful for removing odors, grease, and smoke or steam from your cooking area. The units are intended to keep surfaces cleaner, as well as to lessen the risk of fire or open flames reaching other surfaces in your commercial or residential kitchen. Are you looking for information about vent hood fabricators in Temple, TX? Do you need functional and aesthetically appealing hoods for your home or commercial kitchen? TinKnockers Sheet Metal Company, LLC has gained a reputation as the more professional and trusted metal fabricators in the Temple area.

When people are looking for custom sheet metal fabrication, duct-work, custom gutters, stainless steel restaurant supplies, such as countertops, ventilation systems, racks, and sneeze guards, as well as powder coating and any custom metal design and welding services. We work with stainless steel, galvanized steel, copper and aluminum. We also specialize in powder coating to provide custom finishes and color matching with over 5000 colors available.

We are the largest powder coating facility in Temple, TX. Our product line for custom vent-a-hoods includes designs, fabrication, manufacturing, and installation. We supply units for both residential locations and commercial applications.

We work with a range of metals, including mild steel, copper, galvanized, aluminum and stainless steel. We are family owned and operated. Our scope of metal fabrication options and services are creative and diverse. Some of the products available from our fabricators include countertops of stainless steel, tables, decorative sheet metal, custom sneeze guards, bar fronts, and architectural metal pieces. Our products are useful in a wide range of commercial applications.

Our powder coating application is an excellent alternative to paint for steel products. Powder coating is an excellent alternative for obtaining a custom finish and color. The facility is home to the most sizable powder coating oven anywhere in the local area. Once the baking process is completed, the metal is sealed and rendered waterproof. The coating offers durable cover and protection against the ravages of Mother Nature.

Powder coating is appealing both in its color and finish. There is a full spectrum of available colors and the custom colors which can be ordered are at least five thousand in number. We are able to offer rales, veins, clear coating or other options to fit the preferences of the customer.

TinKnockers works in an 80-mile surround of Temple, TX. The full-service area covers the cities of Waco, Georgetown, Killeen, Round Rock, Bryan, Belton, Harker Heights, Copperas Cove, Austin, Lorena, Salado and more.

Custom VentaHood solutions built right here in Temple, TX are a recent new addition to our product offerings.

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